Ways To Style Women’s Biker Jacket

Women's Biker Jacket

Pitch your way into fashion by styling your favourite leather jacket. A leather biker jacket is a staple in the fashion world. This iconic piece is a timeless outerwear that never goes out of style. With its versatility, style, and durability, it makes a perfect investment. So whether you’re looking to go out and about or planning on a perfect evening date, a leather biker jacket is your companion.

With so many options in the trend, we will discuss the eight best women’s leather jacket styles that can enhance your outfit game effortlessly.

Top Women’s Leather Jacket Styles

1- Brown Leather Jacket With Black Pants

There is no better way to start our list than a classic brown leather biker jacket. This iconic jacket can be styled in numerous ways. It can easily go with white, brown, or classic denim, but the best way to pull its classiness off is by pairing it with a pair of stylish black pants. Take a fitted brown leather jacket and pair it with black chinos and a classic white tee. You will forever feel confident and in style with this outfit.

However, if you want to give a simple yet effortless look, pair an oversized brown leather jacket with flare black pants and a black high-neck sleeveless top. This outfit is perfect for your not-so-formal meeting or a casual day out with friends.

2- Classic All Black Outfit

An all-black outfit never runs out of fashion, and nothing can beat styling it with a black leather biker jacket. A black leather jacket is a fashion staple that goes with all outfits effortlessly. Try pairing your favourite black biker jacket with an all-black outfit. Add a plain black tee or ribbed tank top on top of your best pair of black leather pants.

You can also style it with plain black denim or ripped jeans. Pull your black biker jacket on top to add power to your outfit. Pair it with high-heels or stylish boots, and get ready to turn heads in the street.

3- Leather Jacket With Sundress

Dresses are women’s best friend. They tap into your feminine side and instantly give a boost to your confidence. However, pairing it with a leather jacket can add a touch of ruggedness to your overall outfit. A cropped leather jacket on a floral sundress helps in balancing the delicacy and sophistication of your outfit. This look can be donned for an evening date or a sunny brunch.

4- Turtle Neck For Maximum Layering

Leather motorcycle jackets are great for providing extra warmth in cold weather. The sturdy motorcycle jacket fabric helps block the severe cold winds. Pair a classic black leather jacket with brown, beige, caramel, and other earthy-toned turtlenecks.

Turtlenecks help give you extra protection in cold weather by keeping you warm and comfy. Moreover, the edginess of leather jackets perfectly blends with the sophistication of a turtleneck. You can wear this outfit to work or an evening out with a special someone.

To further add style to your outfit, make sure to pair an oversized jacket with a turtleneck. Accessorise with your favourite gold-coloured jewellery to enhance the overall look.


5- Casual Outfit With A Denim

The best part about leather jackets is that they can easily elevate your outfits without having to put in too much effort. Throw a leather jacket over your casual outfit and watch your outfit go from boring to a literal statement piece.

Pair your favourite fitted denim (light-washed or dark-washed; both can look great) with a plain or striped tee, and throw a brown or black leather jacket over it. This outfit is great for a day out with your friends or even for casual dates.

6- Long Leather Skirt With A Leather Jacket

A night out with your girl gang calls for an outfit that is hard to miss. Stand out in the crowd with a stylish and striking all-leather outfit. Pair a black leather mid-thigh skirt with a sleeveless high-neck or a black-sheer top, and throw a classic motorcycle black leather jacket on top. The thick motorcycle jacket fabric perfectly complements the delicacy of sheer tops. With this outfit on a girl’s night out, you will surely feel like a force.

7- High Boots For Extra Chic

High boots are a classic fashion staple. They are the perfect way to add edginess to your outfit. Don’t miss the chance to style your high boots with a leather jacket. These high boots go best with a short dress or a mini-skirt.

Style a fitted dress or denim shorts with thigh-highs or over-the-knee boots. Pull a leather biker jacket over, and get ready to rock your day. You can choose to wear the jacket closed or open. However, if you are wearing it open, make sure that the zipper is at the bottom of your neckline to avoid any awkward tangling situations.

8- Pair Leather Jacket With A Bodycon Dress

Take it from us: a body dress is a perfect piece to wear with a solid brown biker jacket. A bodycon dress gives you the perfect curvy look, and pairing it with a solid biker jacket adds just the right amount of intricacy needed. This outfit will surely give you the confidence you need to step out into the world. You can try different footwear for this look, from casual sneakers to stylish heels. 

The Key Takeaway

These were some of the best women’s leather jacket styles to pull with your favourite leather jacket for everyday or occasional wear. The key is to consider your style and comfort. No outfit will rock until and unless you feel comfortable in it.

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