Top 5 Trending Leather Jackets Style In 2023

Leather jackets have been a favourite clothing item for many years as they are versatile, and have a timeless style. They are often associated with being rebellious and cool, which makes them an even more popular choice.

Leather jackets have been considered a symbol of confidence and originality for ages. They have become iconic fashion items and remain popular because they can easily be adapted to new trends while still maintaining their classic appeal. Whether you choose a faux leather or a real leather jacket, both can give you a fantastic look.

This blog will look over the five trendiest styles a leather jacket can be styled in 2023. Without any further ado, let’s take a walk in the leather fashion.

Trendiest Leather Jacket Styles In 2023

Leather jackets have always been a staple for fashion. With its timeless appeal, you can easily style it into any outfit, whether a long flowy dress or a bold outfit for men. With so many designs and varieties available, you get an endless range of styling. Let’s look into some of the best leather jacket trends for 2023.

1- Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have run as a popular wardrobe staple since the mid-twentieth century. Originally crafted for military pilots, these jackets feature a distinctive short length, a front zipper, and ribbed cuffs and hem.

These jackets are very popular and in demand among young ages. With teens and adults styling it with a simple plain tee, these jackets have become a fashion essential in times of today. Notably, influential figures like Ryan Gosling and Kanye West frequently showcase their style by adorning these iconic jackets.

With their timeless appeal and association with both fashion and function, bomber jackets continue to be a preferable choice for those seeking a cool and versatile outerwear option.

2- Motorcycle Jacket

The men’s and women’s motorcycle leather jacket is probably the most iconic leather option. This jacket has a rich history dating back to the 1920s. The fascinating aspect of this jacket is that it comes in many colours and feature options, which enables you to personalise your leather motorcycle jacket to your own tastes.

The motosrcycle leather jacket usually comes in a shorter cut length, with the bottom of the jacket stretched to the top of the hips or above. Moreover, the jacket features a straight cut that is not form-fitting around the torso, which precisely gives a bulky look to your outfit.

Its bold and powerful look makes it among the top choice for every casual and formal event. It can easily be styled with a plain white tee or a completely black outfit. Moreover, for women, this jacket also goes well with short-cut dresses.

In the 1950s, celebrities such as Marlon Brando and James Dean played a significant role in popularising this jacket style. Their influence helped establish the motorcycle jacket as an iconic fashion piece.

3- Racer Jacket

Racer Jackets, the modern take on biker-style jackets, offer similar principles and lines related to a classical biker jacket. However, the only difference remaining is that these jackets are commonly paired for a more fashionable look and feature a certain European flair.

These versatile jackets for men and women have a fascinating history dating back to the 1920s motorcycle subculture. Originally designed for protection by Harley Davidson riders, these jackets have become synonymous with rebellious style.

They feature an asymmetric zipper and studs, typically crafted from genuine or faux leather. These sleek leather jackets come in a variety of colours giving you the option to style with an array of outfits. Whether you opt for a classic black design or experiment with different colours, the biker jacket adds a touch of edge and individuality to any outfit.

These jackets are worn by people of all ages, regardless of their gender. Celebrities including David Beckham and Rihanna have been spotted adorning these statement jackets, which helped further with their popularity.

4- Leather Blazer

The leather blazer is a highly regarded fashion piece known for its ability to combine a modern flair with a classic style. For a stunning and finished look, the leather blazer is a must-have for any wardrobe. This piece of fashion is perfect for winter and fall and can even be worn under or over a traditional coat.

With its fitted cut, lapels, and single or double-breasted front, this leather blazer exudes sophistication. Its versatility is what makes this leather blazer so popular. This jacket can easily be pulled as a stand-alone piece or can be paired with a traditional overcoat. You can even dress the leather blazer jacket in a collared shirt and tie or keep it simple with an excellent-fitting sweater. Moreover, the leather blazer also goes best with slacks or jeans and can be paired with bold leather ankle boots to complete the overall look.

Due to its sophisticated and powerful look, this blazer is worn by teens to adults. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have been seen sporting these chic jackets.

The leather blazer effortlessly adds a touch of elegance and contemporary edge to any outfit, making it a versatile wardrobe staple for those seeking a stylish and refined look.

5- Leather Shirt Jacket

The leather shirt jacket, also known as a shacket, offers a modern twist to a classic design. It features a boxy and slightly oversized silhouette, with a button or zipper front and a shirt collar.

Made from faux leather, these shirt-like jackets add a layer of class and elegance to your daily wear. These jackets are usually worn for casual wear but can also be styled for formal events with a classy pair of slacks or trousers.

Regardless of age and gender, these cool jackets are a staple of modern fashion. Moreover, many celebrities like Harry Styles and Justin Bieber have embraced this trend and have been seen rocking these jackets, adding to their appeal.

The leather shirt jacket effortlessly combines the comfort of a shirt with the coolness of a jacket, making it a versatile and fashion-forward choice for those seeking a contemporary look.

Final Verdict!

Leather jackets are a timeless piece of fashion that allows you to upgrade your overall outfit. With its bold look and powerful features like a zipper and rugged cuts, you can pull any look from daily casual to formal wear. Due to its versatility, a leather jacket brings you an endless range of stylish options.

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