Top 10 Custom Bridesmaid Jacket Ideas For 2023

Bridesmaid Jackets

Weddings are fun, and we all want to make them memorable by small gestures of uniqueness. Whether it’s your own wedding or your friends’ or cousins’, the fun doubles when you pay attention to creating memories.

When it comes to creating a unique and memorable wedding experience, customising a bridesmaid jacket is a trend that continues to gain popularity. These personalised jackets not only add a touch of style and personality to your bridal party but also serve as wonderful keepsakes for your bridesmaids to cherish long after the wedding day.

If you’re planning a wedding in 2023 and looking for some inspiration for custom bridesmaids’ jacket ideas, here are the top 10 trending custom bridesmaid jackets that you can consider. Go ahead, read our blog and pick the idea that looks best to you.

1. Classic Monogram Jackets

Monogram jackets are timeless and elegant jackets that can be kept for years after the wedding and will always remind you of the fun you had at the wedding party.

You can opt for a classic monogram design with your bridesmaids’ initials in a stylish font. This simple yet sophisticated look will never go out of style and can be customised to match your wedding colour scheme. You can show all your creativity in the monogram and design it according to the theme.

For instance, if you are going for a white and pink colour theme, you can pick white leather jackets and get a pink floral monogram printed with the initials written in the centre.

Moreover, for added customisation, you can also add the name of the bride and groom with the date they tied the knot. This way, whenever anyone comes across the jacket, they will instantly travel back and recall the old beautiful times.

2. Floral Embroidery Jackets

If you are planning a daytime wedding in spring and going to share the vows in the heart of blooming flowers, there can be no better idea than floral embroidered jackets.

You can bring a touch of nature and femininity to your bridesmaid jacket with delicate floral embroidery by choosing meaningful flowers or selecting various blooms to create a whimsical design. Floral embroidery adds a soft and romantic touch to the jackets and is perfect for a garden or spring wedding.

It’s up to you what flowers you want to add and the quantity of embroidery you want. You can go for red roses embroidered at the front pockets, or you can get a beautiful big bunch of tulips embroidered at the back. It totally depends on the theme of your wedding, and it will be best if you go with the same flowers that are used to decorate the wedding venue.

3. Sequin Bomber Jackets

If you are looking for custom bridesmaids’ jacket ideas for winter weddings with a glamorous theme, Sequins Bomber jackets can be the ideal choice.

They will give a glamorous and eye-catching look with various-sized shiny sequins. You can customise the leather jacket with sequins in different colours. Either go for a matching sequin colour for all bridesmaids or choose different hues to reflect their individual styles.

Whether you want a whole sequin-filled charismatic jacket or a minimal one with delicate sequin work, it is entirely up to your creativity and wedding theme. Both will look equally good and make your bridesmaids look stunningly attractive.

4. Satin And Lace Jackets

Combine the luxurious feel of satin with the delicate beauty of lace for an alluring bridesmaid jacket design. It can be an ideal bridesmaid jacket if you are going for a traditional and formal wedding.

A satin jacket with lace detailing on the sleeves or back will perfectly complement the luxury wedding gowns. This combination adds an elegant and feminine touch to the jackets, making them perfect for a formal wedding.

It will be better if you choose pastel colours for this style of jacket as it will look more elegant in lighter shades.

Go for pearl white, ash grey, baby pink, sky blue, or similar softer shades that will go with the colours of gowns. Moreover, you can create a contrasting effect too. For example, if the bridesmaids are wearing white gowns, you can opt for pink or grey jackets that will enhance the look even more.

5. Embellished Denim Jackets

If you’re planning a more casual or rustic-themed wedding and looking for custom bridesmaids’ jacket ideas, embellished denim jackets are a fantastic choice.

You can customise the jackets with your bridesmaids’ names, wedding-related phrases, or fun designs so that it brings a smile to their faces whenever they come across the jacket later. You can even add some sparkle with rhinestone or pearl embellishments.

For instance, go for a rugged denim jacket with pearl embellishments on the shoulders and the name embroidered or painted at the back. Not only will it give a casual look, but due to the pearl detailing, it will go with the wedding theme.

6. Calligraphy Jackets

Calligraphy is an art form that brings an air of elegance and sophistication to any design. Customise your bridesmaids jackets with a beautiful calligraphy script displaying each bridesmaid’s name. The flowing letters will add a personal and artistic touch to the jackets and will be close to the heart of the bridesmaids.

Moreover, along with the name, you can add a small heartfelt message for your bridesmaids that they will cherish forever. It will become a favourite jacket that they can wear anywhere and gather sweet compliments.

You can either go for a black leather jacket with the name and message painted with acrylic colours or a white jacket with embroidered calligraphy that will also look dynamic. There are multiple options to show your personalised creativity.

7. Metallic Leather Jackets

If you want to go extravagant and come up with something striking, make a bold statement with metallic leather jackets for your bridesmaids.

Choose jackets in gold, silver, or rose gold and have them customised with the bridesmaids’ names or initials. These jackets are perfect for a modern and edgy wedding and can be worn long after the special day.

Whenever worn, these jackets will add an attractive factor to the whole attire and make the presence worth noticing. Moreover, these are the ones that will complement all dresses. No matter what colour you are wearing, a metallic leather jacket will add a pop to it and make a statement.

8. Watercolour Jackets

If you’re a fan of vibrant colours and artistic designs, watercolour jackets will be perfect for your bridesmaids.

Create a unique watercolour pattern with your wedding colours and customise each jacket with the bridesmaids’ names. These jackets are a beautiful representation of individuality and creativity and will look perfect for daytime weddings.

Bridesmaid jackets and wraps adorned with watercolour patterns give a wide margin of creativity. You can get the designs painted according to something that is special for you and your bridesmaids so that it reminds them whenever they wear the jacket.

Don’t forget to get the name of the bride and groom painted too so that the jacket becomes a memorial!

9. Destination-Inspired Jackets

A destination-inspired bridesmaid jacket is the ideal one if you’re having a destination wedding. You can incorporate elements of your chosen location into the bridesmaid jackets and wraps to add a touch of individuality. The art on the jackets will constantly remind you about the beautiful location of your wedding, along with the cherishable memories you made.

For example, if you’re getting married on a tropical island, opt for jackets with palm trees or seashell motifs. This adds a personal touch and serves as a reminder of the wonderful memories made at your wedding destination. Also, it will depict the thoughtfulness you had while getting the jackets designed for your bridesmaids.

10. Comic Book-Inspired Jackets

For modern brides who love pop culture and want a unique, playful touch, comic book-inspired jackets are a fun and quirky option.

Choose jackets with custom comic book panels featuring your bridesmaids as superheroes. You can add more depth by choosing different superheroes for each of your bridesmaids, showcasing their personalities.

This creative design will undoubtedly make your wedding memorable, and your bridesmaids will happily wear the jackets often after the wedding too.

Summing Up

A custom bridesmaid jacket offers endless possibilities to showcase your creativity and celebrate the bond with your bridal party. From classic monograms to destination-inspired designs, there is a style to suit every wedding theme. Now it depends on you what you choose, but remember to select the one that matches your theme.

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