A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Jacket

Wedding bells are around the corner, and everything’s in chaos. Wildest dream? But you’re in relief because it’s not your wedding after all. But you’re the bridesmaid! Which technically makes the situation more problematic. What should you be wearing? Something that neither steals the limelight from the bride nor makes you look dull. And if you’re opting for outwear, such as a fancy jacket, to complement your dress, there are factors you must consider before purchasing one.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the key elements to consider when choosing a bridesmaid jacket for yourself or your bridesmaid that will look great with the actual dresses and keep them chic and cosy.

Consider the Wedding Theme and Season 

Before deciding on wearing a bridesmaid jacket, you should consider the theme and season of the wedding. Ask your friend these questions, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event. A formal or casual celebration? A summer wedding or a winter wedding? By taking these factors into account, you can narrow down your options of choosing the ideal bridesmaid jacket that goes well with the season and theme while being a show-stopper at the same time.

Do A Thorough Research To Think Outside Of The Box
Whether a dress, accessory, or anything, choosing something for your most awaited function should be different from all. One of the critical aspects is avoiding succumbing to conventional styles. Do thorough research, whether by exploring the internet of different fashion brands to get an idea about the trend or infusing your creativity with prevailing trends to come up with a unique jacket no one could ever think of.

Be Mindful of Choosing Your Fabric

If you’re a clumsy woman, then delicate fabrics are a ‘big big’ NO for you. Sewing beads onto silk and expecting it to tolerate a tumble is not an option. So, in this scenario, a denim jacket would ideally ensure you have a piece of clothing you feel comfortable in and can wear for years. 

Coordinate The Jacket With Your Dress

If you’re willing to wear a bridesmaid jacket on this big day, you must ensure that it seamlessly complements your attire and entire look to enhance the overall visual appeal. For this, you must look at certain factors, including the colour and style of your dress, that would help you select your jacket. 

For example, if your dress is vibrant, you can go for a neutral-tone jacket to create a balanced look and vice versa. Likewise, if your dress has some sort of pattern, consider choosing a plain jacket for an interesting contrast.

Put Your Comfort First

As a bridesmaid, you will most likely wear this jacket for a long time, making comfort the paramount concern. It will help if you look for jackets that are made from lightweight and breathable fabrics to avoid overheating. If it’s a cold season, you can wear jackets with insulation or lining to keep warm. In addition, choose jackets with a comfortable fit that lets you move easily.

Be Heedful About The Style and Silhouette

The style and silhouette of these bridesmaid jackets can significantly make a difference in your overall appearance. So the jacket must be the one that fits you right. We suggest you consider your body shape and size and don’t choose a jacket based on its aesthetics only. For instance, Blazers or structured jackets go well for a formal wedding, while cropped or bolero-style jackets can give you a graceful look in a casual affair. Always have this stick with you that the purpose of jackets is not to overwhelm or overshadow the dress but rather enhance its beauty.

Don’t Forget The Versatility and Reusability Midway

If you’re tight on your budget, consider getting your hands on a bridesmaid jacket that can be worn beyond weddings and such formal events. For instance, classic and timeless basic designs can be paired with shimmery and fancy dresses yet can steal the show as you pair them with your everyday essentials. Such versatile and reusable jackets will serve as one useful wardrobe staple while ensuring you get more mileage from your investment.

Personalise Your Final Look 

If you want to make your friend’s day a memorable one, not just for her but for yourself as well, consider exploring diverse customisation options to give your jacket a personal touch. You can write your name as a bridesmaid or honour your friend by writing her name on it. Similarly, you can choose embroideries, monograms, or other personalised patches to give it a special and unique appeal. It’s always a good idea to consult with your bride and involve her in the customisation process to guide you with her wedding festivities.

The Wrap Up

To sum up, choosing the perfect bridesmaid jacket for your friend’s wedding takes a keen eye to look at certain factors, including but not limited to doing a market and internet survey, considering the wedding theme and season, coordinating the jacket with the dress, while keeping your comfort, and at foremost style. 

With this comprehensive guide, we ensure you can choose the best bridesmaid jacket for yourself and the entire squad, feeling comfortable while snatching compliments from guests.

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